New Website Designed for Fast-Paced Mining Company

Sandy Cove Creative was honoured to be lead creative designers on Fortuna Silver’s new responsive website. The task was to provide a fresh new design to improve visitor experience and present thorough information for all stakeholders.

Launched on March 15th, the new website uses the latest web technologies including coding for responsive design and a brand new powerful, user-friendly Content Management System. Each page of the site was mocked up in Illustrator and Photoshop and provided to the developers at for coding.

The new, scrolling design features large, screen-width, people-focused photos introducing each section that entices the visitor to learn more about Fortuna’s story. Large icons and infographics thoughout the pages encourage users to view information and/or download PDFs.

A clean, white background features a pallet of blues, greys and highlights of orange along with a clear and meaningful visual image.

Four main sections guide the visitor to a wealth of information including “About Fortuna” where readers learn about the company’s leadership and can scroll through a History Timeline; “Mines and Projects” where details on all operations are found; the “Investors” section which includes Financials, Stock Information, Institutional Coverage and all News information; and the “Sustainability” section which features Fortuna’s responsible mining initiatives.

Check out the site at